Kunjara Lila

by Kadamba Kanana Swami

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Nothing is Impossible and Kadamba Kanana Swami proves that singing can take you back to the spiritual world. And in the spiritual world Vrindavan reside the gopi's who are always prepared to fulfill any of Krsna’s desires. One day in Kunjara, near Radhakund, Krsna wanted to ride on an elephant. An impossible demand, where in the world were the residents of Vrndavana supposed to get an elephant from? It was impossible, but not for the gopis, who can do anything in the service of Krsna. They simply became an elephant and Krsna rode around on his gopi-elephant.


released April 1, 2012

Track List
1. Dancing Peacocks – 28:54
2. Goloka Descends – 21:56
3. Madhava’s Tune – 19:14

Album info
Artist Name : Kadamba Kanana Swami
Composer: Kadamba Kanana Swami
Publisher: Sadba Productions
Date: April 2012
Place: Capetown, South Africa
Recordings: Kadamba Kanana Swami
Mixing, mastering : Venu Gopal das
Remastering: Uddhava das
Artwork : Guy Hamilton

Lead Vocals, Harmonium: Kadamba Kanana Swami
Mrdanga: Haladhara das
Backing vocals and karatales : Cape Town devotees.



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Kadamba Kanana Swami Vrindavan, India

Austerity of speech consists in speaking words that are truthful, pleasing, beneficial, and not agitating to others, and also in regularly reciting Vedic literature.

(Bhagavad-gita 17.15)

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Track Name: Dancing Peacocks
Hare Krishna Maha Mantra